Give Away a Birthday—What Can Your Doll Do?Fundraise Birthday Child Advocate Americas Do Something

Jordan traded her birthday for clean water. Instead of buying an expensive doll, she visited our office and gave what she saved to the thirsty.

READ MORE published: December 28, 2012

Advent: The Greatest in the KingdomAdvent Conspiracy Sierra Leone Africa Field Notes

The world is small—Caleb collects some coins, we spend a little less, and Shekah saves lives. We pray we’ll all be a little more like Caleb this year, so others can be more like Shekah. Check out his work in this video.

READ MORE published: December 10, 2012

Advent: Worship Through PainAdvent Conspiracy haiti Americas Field Notes

Luc Louis has shepherded his Haitian congregation through the pain of natural disasters, of living without water, and even the pain of losing a child—his own. But he’s recorded a blessing for you in this video.

READ MORE published: December 10, 2012

Advent: The Gift of LeadershipAdvent Conspiracy La Planta Americas Field Notes

Advent: The Gift of Leadership

Lucia Alvarado gets by selling fruits and vegetables. It’s a humble existence, but ask any of La Planta’s 178 residents and they’ll tell you she’s a community leader. La Planta is tiny and extremely poor. Regional authorities paid no attention as its 46 families fetched water each morning from the same river where they bathed and washed their clothes. Then Lucia had finally had enough.

READ MORE published: December 10, 2012

Advent: The Greater GiftAdvent Conspiracy Peru Americas General

Our brother Tommy Head has saved a lot of lives among the Candoshi people in the Peruvian Amazon. But when people in Candoshi villages remember him, they don’t remember water wells. They remember the love Tommy had for them, and the Savior who inspired it.

READ MORE published: December 10, 2012