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Every Drop
Creates Lasting

As a Living Water monthly donor, you make it possible to deliver safe water and the living water of Jesus Christ to the world’s most thirsty communities.

Through each and every monthly gift, you transform communities all year long—physically, economically, and spiritually. Because every drop changes lives.

See how your
gift makes a

As a Living Water monthly donor, you’ll receive regular updates and walk alongside communities as they are transformed by the gift of safe water.

You’ll see how your gifts help churches work within communities to meet both physical and spiritual needs—through the provision of safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene, and the power of the gospel.  


Through Living Water's monthly giving program, you can play a key role in providing safe, sustainable water solutions to communities around the globe by making a secure, automatic monthly gift. Gifts can be made from a credit or debit card. With each gift, you are helping to transform the lives of children, families, and entire communities–through safe water that revitalizes, restores, and transforms.
Living Water monthly donors are vital to the work we do, providing the reliable, consistent support needed to plan and implement urgently needed water projects around the globe. Your monthly gifts are vital to Living Water's ongoing efforts to provide safe, sustainable water solutions for as many communities as possible–and, in the process, to give people a powerful experience of God's love.
When you become a Living Water monthly donor, you join a group of highly committed individuals whose ongoing dedication sustains our work to provide safe water to those who need it–all year long. Monthly giving also affords Living Water donors a way to give that is both easy and convenient through gifts that are made automatically. Many Living Water monthly supporters are surprised to see how significant their impact becomes through their gifts, month by month and year by year.
We'll show you the impact of your giving through regular updates that demonstrate the powerful change you make possible. Through these updates, you'll see how safe water transforms every aspect of life–from improving children's health to enhancing livelihoods by relieving the burden of water retrieval.
You can manage your monthly giving online here by logging into your personal account. Or, you can contact Brandy Hough at 281-207-7837 or
You'll receive a confirmation email each time your monthly gift is made. Plus, you'll receive a separate acknowledgement for any gift you give that is over and above your monthly giving. We'll also send a year–end giving statement to help with the preparation of your taxes.

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