Team Living Water: Seattle Rock 'n' RollSeattle Pacific Northwest Church Team Living Water Americas

Team Living Water: Seattle Rock 'n' Roll

Five years ago, Pastor Justin and Virginia Kim of New Life Fellowship learned of the water crisis from a member of their church. As their congregation grew, they wanted their impact on the world to do the same. Now Justin and Virginia are taking the cause of clean water personally. In June they'll run the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll half marathon with Team Living Water, enduring so the thirsty don't have to.

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Celebrate 2012 With Us!milestones year-in-review celebrate Americas Announcement

Celebrate 2012 With Us!

It's time to celebrate! Together, you helped us make 2012 a year of life change. Read more to see the 10 milestones—global progress, emergency response, awesome advocates—that we find especially excellent. Somersaults and cartwheels encouraged.

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H2O Project: What is "Good News"?West Seattle Christian Church H2O Project Good News Americas Do Something

H2O Project: What is

Don Jacobs, pastor of West Seattle Christian Church, begins the H2O Project tomorrow with his congregation. On his blog he pondered the meaning of "good news" in context—how do we translate the good news of the gospel into the hearts of people we serve? We extend Christ's living water and the clean water that meets physical needs. Living Water partners with churches to see both come to fruition—we're so grateful to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

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The Wells Project Students: Change CatalystsThe Wells Project 10 Days Pure Charity Breakaway LEAD

The Wells Project Students: Change Catalysts

Last month our Wells Project student leaders from colleges across the country convened to brainstorm awesomeness—how to be evenmore effective advocates for the thirsty on campuses and in their entire communities. We're excited (and so grateful!) to report that these movers-and-shakers are getting noticed. World changers have a tendancy of doing just that. Pure Charity thinks so, too, and named our peeps their January Change Catalysts.

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Lucia's Loving Leadershipel salvador Americas Field Notes

Lucia's Loving Leadership

The village of La Planta is a rather poor community of 46 families outside of Acajutla, El Salvador. Most of the community has steady employment only a few months out of the year. On most days you are likely to find Lucia on buses, selling fruits and vegetables to earn a modest income. But ask any of the 178 people of her community—a few years ago, Lucia became their leader. La Planta had been without leadership for too long, and problems were only growing. So she “took initiative” to make a difference in her community.

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