Meet Sara, Field Communications Specialist!Staff new hires field communications Americas Announcement

Meet Sara, Field Communications Specialist!

Please give a great big, virtual welcome to Sara Olivieri! She joined our Houston team three weeks ago in a brand new position that will connect you even more with what's happening in the field. Get to know her a bit and keep an eye out for the great stories she helps us discover!

READ MORE published: July 17, 2013

This Year's Gala Went "Deeper!"Gala Deeper Houston Paper for Water OVS Group

This year's gala, Deeper, broke records and celebrated our work as worship. Our field staff from Haiti, Liberia and Burkina Faso took the stage in Houston's biggest ballroom to demonstrate our deeper commitment to community transformation and God's love.

READ MORE published: September 26, 2013

Two Bikes and 4,000 Miles for the ThirstyTeam Living Water Bike America Americas Do Something

Two Bikes and 4,000 Miles for the Thirsty

This summer, newlyweds Jesse and Leigha Lambert traded four wheels for two. They sold their car and instead rode bikes to get around their New Jersey town. Those several months of cycling were all preparation for a 4,000-mile cross-country excursion to raise money for clean water. Now with a week and 200 miles behind them, they've already raised more than $800.

READ MORE published: October 07, 2013

Injury Inspires 12 Marathons in 12 MonthsTeam Living Water marathon Triathlon Basic Needs Americas

Injury Inspires 12 Marathons in 12 Months

One minute, Cory Scheer was pedaling through the last mile of the day's triathlon training. The next, he was being loaded into an ambulance with a concussion, hairline fractures to his spine and 300 stitches worth of lacerations. Here's how he turned his injury into a challenge to meet others' basic needs.

READ MORE published: November 04, 2013

Headed to Haiti: The Living Water 750 Righaiti Drill Rig Equipment Americas General

Headed to Haiti: The Living Water 750 Rig

Announcing the newest addition to our Living Water family of drill rigs! The 750 can air-drill or mud-drill at depths even greater than 750 feet—and fit in a 20-foot shipping container. By the end of the month, she'll be happily settled in her new home. We can't wait for her to begin accessing new, safe water!

READ MORE published: December 09, 2013

How to Craft a ConspiracyAdvent Conspiracy DIY Christmas Advent Craft

How to Craft a Conspiracy

Here's how to craft a conspiracy at your church: 1. dream up some DIY gifts. 2. host a craft party—get the whole church involved! 3. save money on gifts made with love. 4. use some of what you saved to offer clean water. It's how Harrisonburg First Church of the Nazarene celebrates each year!

READ MORE published: December 20, 2013

New Equipment in Nicaragua: Thank You, Alumninicaragua Trips Alumni Funding Match Compressor

New Equipment in Nicaragua: Thank You, Alumni

When new equipment became a critical need in Nicaragua, we turned to those of you whose hearts have been touched directly by the dedication of our teams—in Nicaragua and across Central America. To all of you amazing alumni who helped us reach the generous $40,000 funding match, to provide our staff with a new truck and compressor, enjoy this special thank you message from Jorge, Nicaragua Short-Term Trip Director!

READ MORE published: January 17, 2014

Advent Conspiracy

Join the worldwide movement to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All this Christmas.

READ MORE published: October 18, 2012

2014 Gala Honors Women of the Water CrisisGala lucy Alex and Ani Kenya Liberia

This year’s gala celebrated the women of the developing world—the heroes of the water crisis! We want to empower them to do more good, and it all starts with girls like Lucy. With the support our gala raised, we can help more girls like her grow into women who will triumph over the water crisis. Read more to check out the night's highlights.

READ MORE published: October 06, 2014

Celebrate World Water Day, Sunday, March 22!World Water Day WASH Trips 25th Anniversary Americas

Celebrate World Water Day, Sunday, March 22!

We're celebrating 25 years of clean water work on World Water Day, Sunday, March 22—join us! Established by the United Nations in 1990, the day celebrates water work and encourages advocacy for the millions of children and adults who lack access to clean water.

READ MORE published: March 17, 2015