Advent: The Greater GiftAdvent Conspiracy Peru Americas General

Our brother Tommy Head has saved a lot of lives among the Candoshi people in the Peruvian Amazon. But when people in Candoshi villages remember him, they don’t remember water wells. They remember the love Tommy had for them, and the Savior who inspired it.

READ MORE published: December 10, 2012

Advent: The Gift of LeadershipAdvent Conspiracy La Planta Americas Field Notes

Advent: The Gift of Leadership

Lucia Alvarado gets by selling fruits and vegetables. It’s a humble existence, but ask any of La Planta’s 178 residents and they’ll tell you she’s a community leader. La Planta is tiny and extremely poor. Regional authorities paid no attention as its 46 families fetched water each morning from the same river where they bathed and washed their clothes. Then Lucia had finally had enough.

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Advent: Worship Through PainAdvent Conspiracy haiti Americas Field Notes

Luc Louis has shepherded his Haitian congregation through the pain of natural disasters, of living without water, and even the pain of losing a child—his own. But he’s recorded a blessing for you in this video.

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Give Away a Birthday—What Can Your Doll Do?Fundraise Birthday Child Advocate Americas Do Something

Jordan traded her birthday for clean water. Instead of buying an expensive doll, she visited our office and gave what she saved to the thirsty.

READ MORE published: December 28, 2012

Sevenly Campaign Gives Clean WaterSevenly Americas Announcement

Living Water is 2013's first Sevenly campaign! We're so grateful for all who have been spreading the word about the cause of clean water this week. Here's a heartfelt thank you to everyone who posted a tweet for water access in India. Read more to see our twitter MVPs.

READ MORE published: January 03, 2013

New WASH Program Launched in Haitihaiti WASH Americas Announcement

New WASH Program Launched in Haiti

Celebrate with us! Today we launched our first WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) Program in Haiti, and some of our stateside staff visited to experience it first-hand. We get giddy when we realize that these communities aren't JUST receving a cup of water in Jesus' name—with the right training, they'll keep enjoying clean water, for life! Read more to learn about WASH in action.

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Giving Well: Rob's Year of SacrificeH2O Project Fundraise Ethiopia Americas Do Something

Giving Well: Rob's Year of Sacrifice

Rob is doing the H2O Project—drinking nothing but water—for an entire year! He'll be sacrificing every beverage in 2013 (except tap water) and donating supporting pledges from friends and family to the thirsty. We're inspired by his fast, and caught up with him to see how it's going a few days into the new year.

READ MORE published: January 11, 2013

Glitter Helps Save Lives in Guatemalahygiene Guatemala ORS Americas Field Notes

Glitter Helps Save Lives in Guatemala

So you never thought glitter could have life-saving properties? Well, get to know the glimmering confetti in a whole new light. When our hygiene coordinators enter schools like this one in Guatemala, they use glitter to connote germs. Imagine a game of telephone, but instead of a message, what's spread is kids' association of their hands with the transfer of germs. Simple solutions can save lives like Milton's. Read more to hear his story.

READ MORE published: January 15, 2013

Abigail's Song—Sweet to Our Ears!Abigail York Noisetrade Ecclesia Advent Conspiracy Americas

Abigail's Song—Sweet to Our Ears!

Abigail York, a college student pursuing a music career, didn't think she had anything to give the thirsty. But after a few months in Houston as part of a year-long mission program, she found a way to use her voice—and the talents of her housemates/band mates—to give clean water.

READ MORE published: January 18, 2013

Lucia's Loving Leadershipel salvador Americas Field Notes

Lucia's Loving Leadership

The village of La Planta is a rather poor community of 46 families outside of Acajutla, El Salvador. Most of the community has steady employment only a few months out of the year. On most days you are likely to find Lucia on buses, selling fruits and vegetables to earn a modest income. But ask any of the 178 people of her community—a few years ago, Lucia became their leader. La Planta had been without leadership for too long, and problems were only growing. So she “took initiative” to make a difference in her community.

READ MORE published: January 28, 2013