Living Water International

  • Development Steps

    Without clean water, it’s impossible for other development to take place: economic, educational, you name it. Here’s a one-page handout. (you’ll need Adobe Reader).

  • Health & Hygiene

    Clean water always makes people healthier, but health skyrockets and disease rates plummet when people understand basic hygiene practices. (you’ll need Adobe Reader).
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  • How Wells Work

    You’ve seen photos of wells in villages, and at schools and clinics, but how do they work? Are wells always the best solution? How does the community get involved? (you’ll need Adobe Reader).

  • Photography

    Download high-res photos from our Flickr photostream. To download photos: 1) click a photo in the photostream to view it larger 2) Right click the photo and choose "Original" under "View all sizes" 3) Right click the photo and "Save Images as..."

  • Walk for Water Kit

    Experience what millions of women and children experience every day - a walk for water. Download this kit to bring the experience to your home, school, church or group. (you’ll need Adobe Reader).

  • Water & Education

    It’s not that water is more important than education—it’s foundational. Try to convince teachers in the developing world otherwise. Educational opportunities linked to water have lifelong impacts across generations. (you’ll need Adobe Reader).

  • Water & Poverty

    The poorest people in the world actually pay some of the world’s highest prices for drinking water, and the water they get is less clean and plentiful. Not only do they pay more financially, the poor pay more in the form of lost time, health, education, and life. (you’ll need Adobe Reader).



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