Why We Can't Impose DevelopmentDevelopment Slum Kibera Nairobi Kenya

Why We Can't Impose Development

While spending the summer in Africa, Jonathan Wiles, our VP for Program Excellence, returned to Kibera, the continent's largest slum. The first time he'd fixed eyes on it was 10 years ago—nothing has changed. His visit begs the question, why is development so hard?

READ MORE published: July 23, 2013

Meet Sara, Field Communications Specialist!Staff new hires field communications Americas Announcement

Meet Sara, Field Communications Specialist!

Please give a great big, virtual welcome to Sara Olivieri! She joined our Houston team three weeks ago in a brand new position that will connect you even more with what's happening in the field. Get to know her a bit and keep an eye out for the great stories she helps us discover!

READ MORE published: July 17, 2013

Poems, More than Just Words for Clean WaterChild Advocates kindergarten walk for water Americas Do Something

Poems, More than Just Words for Clean Water

Inspired by another child advocate a few years her senior, Hattie, a kindergartener at Bessie Ellison Elementary School, wondered what she could do to offer clean water, too. She decided to write and sell poems door-to-door in her neighborhood! We love her resourcefulness and the power of her words.

READ MORE published: July 15, 2013

Matti Leads 100+ on a Walk 4 Waterkids Child Advocate walk for water Water Walk 6K

Matti Leads 100+ on a Walk 4 Water

Matti finishes every public speaking engagement with the promise that "kids can make a difference." She should know. Mattie is 10.

READ MORE published: July 12, 2013

Water Fosters Freedom in Nairobi's Slumschildren's home orphanage human trafficking sex trafficking prostitution

Deep in the slums east of Nairobi you'll find a Living Water pump that not only provides water to 350 schoolchildren, but also to underage Kenyan girls rescued from the sex trade and to an entire community of 1,000 when municipal water supply is revoked. Everything begins with water. Even freedom.

READ MORE published: July 04, 2013