Living Water and The Church
Living Water and The Church

Christmas Can Still Change the World

Are you tired of Christmas being a season of shopping, stress, and debt? The Advent Conspiracy has helped churches around the world celebrate the birth of Christ as the revolution it was really meant to be.

By choosing to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All, churches put Christ back at the center of Christmas, give more relationally, and use a part of their savings to give Jesus the birthday gifts he asked for—like water for the thirsty.

Check out for more information, and download the free resources here to let us help you conspire to have a more meaningful.


Living Water and The Church

Serving Churches Locally and Globally

Churches that transform both their communities and the world thrive. That is why Living Water International exists to serve the Church both globally and locally.

Here you will find resources that will help your church transform both your community and the world. Events like a Bible Storytelling Workshop, Pastor Vision Trip, or City Impact Summit can profoundly enhance on your church’s local and global impact. Communities like 10 Days Student Mobilization provide resources to be Christ’s witnesses on campus, and the Advent Conspiracy has helped countless churches celebrate Christ’s birth more authentically. This is the place for practical tools for proclaiming good news in word and deed.

Enjoy the impact stories you will find here, and if you have a story of your church’s global impact resulting in a thriving local church here at home, please share it with us over the SpeakPipe or by email. We would love to get in touch with you about sharing your story with the world, because apart from God, the greatest resource we have as the global Church…is each other.


Living Water and The Church

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