Walk for Water

What is a Walk for Water?


A water walk is an interactive group event where participants walk to a local, open water source, collect water, then haul the water back, all to better understand the daily reality of the water crisis for millions of thirsty people and raise awareness in their own community.

Why are we doing this?

Today, millions of people will walk for water.

We can experience what they do every day by stepping into their shoes and walking for water. Participating in a water walk gives us a small taste of their daily burden and hopefully results in our hearts being forever changed. Together, we’ll carry the thirsty with us wherever we go and take action to meet their needs.

What is the global water crisis?


A staggering 663 million people face a daily struggle for water — that’s about 1 in 9 people. Walking on average four miles every day to collect water, often from unsafe sources, they are then faced with the risk of diseases from having to drink, clean, and wash with it.

To gain a better understanding of the people who walk for water, we created four personas with common stories of individuals who have no choice but to walk for water every day.