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The Miracle Wellel salvador Americas Field Notes

EL SALVADOR – San Lucas, Sonsonate Region GPS: 13 36.506 N, 89 38.810 W

READ MORE published: August 01, 2011

Lucia's Loving Leadershipel salvador Americas Field Notes

Lucia's Loving Leadership

The village of La Planta is a rather poor community of 46 families outside of Acajutla, El Salvador. Most of the community has steady employment only a few months out of the year. On most days you are likely to find Lucia on buses, selling fruits and vegetables to earn a modest income. But ask any of the 178 people of her community—a few years ago, Lucia became their leader. La Planta had been without leadership for too long, and problems were only growing. So she “took initiative” to make a difference in her community.

READ MORE published: January 28, 2013

El Salvador: A Twist on Team-BuildingTriumph Corporate Team Building Dallas el salvador

El Salvador: A Twist on Team-Building

In early February a 12-person team from Triumph Bancorp in Dallas traveled to the Salvadoran village of El Castaño to drill a well with us as their corporate team building exercise! How cool that a company would use this opportunity to not only draw their hearts closer together as co-workers, but that they would do so as co-laborers with the work God's doing for the thirsty. We're grateful for their presence with our program staff and wanted to share what they'll remember forever. They are first-hand testimonies to the demonstration of God's love. We're inspired.

READ MORE published: February 28, 2013


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