Living Water International began operations in Rwanda in 2007. Early efforts focused primarily on water access—we've completed more than 200 well projects there. Most of the communities we serve have been located in two clusters: a swath stretching south from the capital city of Kigali and a high concentration in the Kirongi District of the Western Province.

In the last year, Living Water Rwanda’s leadership recognized this early work has reached a critical phase. It will require special attention to maintain, but we're allowing past experience to inform current/future work. We're also taking a page from best practices in the sector, and our Program Excellence team has been hands-on to help Living Water Rwanda implement the best of what we are learning.

Today the program includes minimum standards across all projects, as well as a formal operation and maintenance (O&M) program for each Rwandan community we serve. We desire to do better, go deeper, and replicate the successes of the past six years.

At the request of Rwanda’s Ministry of Natural Resources in the beginning of 2012, Living Water Rwanda moved its work to the Southern Province, specifically targeting three districts: Ruhango, Nyanza and Huye. We have now geographically focused our efforts in Ruhango and will be maturing the implementation of our standards. This deepening of the program will ensure clean water—for life—in Jesus’ name.


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