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Water for Water during Lent

by: stacie kopczynski
February 12, 2012

Today’s the first day of lent. The emotional reactions to that idea probably differ in as many ways as there are colors in the world. To some, it means absolutely nothing. Not one thing. To others, they understand it as something their friends or their family do. They don’t really get it or understand why, but they’re sure that the ashen cross on a loved one’s forehead basically means it’s time to give up something for a while. And for all the rest, it is a time to deny oneself of something they hold dear as a physical showing of one’s repentance and desire to grow closer to the Lord. And even in this last subset, there are a million variations to the depth at which people will dive for 40 days.
How deep are you diving this Lenten season? Thousands of people around the nation are taking part in Living Water International’s H2O Project for Lent. We’ve asked regular, ordinary people…people that come from all walks of Lenten understanding…to give up every beverage but water during this time and give the money they saved to clean, safe water. Some are doing it for 10 days, others for two weeks, and some are stretching themselves to their limits and committing to drinking nothing but water for… 40…whole…days.
No matter what the commitment, these participants’ lives won’t be the same after taking this challenge. The heart behind the project is that those voluntarily going without water will have a deeper understanding of the thirsty, a more steadfast reliance on God, and a humbling recognition of how self-denial is actually good for the soul.
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