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Team Living Water: Cycling for Nicaragua

by: Meredith Maines
September 12, 2012


Do you live somewhere between, oh, say, Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon? You do? Well, keep your eyes peeled for David and Leanne Smith, some of our newest Team Living Water warriors, and their two bikes. Our summer campaign focuses on our Operations & Maintenance pilot program in Nicaragua, and the Smiths' 3,500-mile/$3K ride will support our efforts there.

"We've chosen to benefit something we'll be reminded of each time we down another gallon of clean drinking water while biking," Leanne said. And with two thirds of their 40-day trip complete (they're somewhere in North Dakota right now), they've had plenty of opportunities to remember.

We’re so grateful for their sacrifice. David took a pay cut to take five weeks off; Leanne’s co-workers in her church’s office rearranged their schedules to accommodate her absence; Deziree, Leanne’s sister, is even staying at the Smiths’ house full-time to take care of their awesome dog, Latah.

And the Smiths sort of have a celebrity endorsement. Remember “Dana” from Fox’s 24? Well, Leanne stalked met actress Katee Sackhoff on set of A&E’s Longmire, which happened to be Leanne’s church parking lot for two days. The two bonded over their cross-country trips for charity, and Katee gave an autograph to raise awareness… and might be tweeting the Smith’s blog posts to her followers.

Already, Leanne and David have raised $1,900. Want to help bring them home? Donate a dollar a mile on their fundraising page and follow the journey on their blog and on twitter.