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Finding Perspective at the Well

December 02, 2011

For Randi Belisomo, holidays the past few years have been a struggle. As the ever-present air of gratitude at Thanksgiving quickly turns into the twinkling, joyful lights of Christmas, she is reminded that her late husband, Carlos, is no longer with her to experience the gleeful, celebratory moments. But earlier this year, Randi traveled with Living Water to disaster-stricken Haiti and life as she knew it, again, changed.

Randi’s husband Carlos’s life was marked as a life well-lived. Even in his death, amidst the mourning of a man taken too early by cancer, Carlos’ legacy was preserved and embodied through the generosity of his friends and family. The funds collected in Carlos’ honor provided safe, clean water to the Haitian resettlement camp aptly named Jerusalem.

Randi was in a unique position as she traveled to Haiti – she was there as the widow of the man who ultimately made the Living Water well possible, to dedicate it in his name, and to meet the community of people who would be forever affected by her husband’s life and death; She was also there, though, as a reporter for WGN to document the lack of progress in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. One mission so personal and one so objective.

As a reporter, she met Jean Louis, a woman still living in a tent 2 years after the earthquake, still struggling to feed her 7 children, and still unable to work. As a widow, Randi met Jean Louis, a fellow widow who lost her husband during the earthquake, struggled to find joy in her situation, and lived each day exactly as she did the day before. Because of the well in Carlos’ honor, Jean Louis can now provide her children better health and hope for a future, and Randi Belisomo has a new perspective amid her personal grief.

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