How $0.65 is an Investment in Sustainability

by: Meredith Maines
October 07, 2013

Desmond is proud of his new role on Wohrn Town's local water committee: "I convene the committee to protect the good condition of our new water well," he says with enthusiasm.

But it's not just Wohrn Town's new community leaders working to protect the well—the whole community is invested! Desmond tells us that 38 families in Wohrn Town each contribute about $0.65 a month toward a pump repair fund, managed by their own treasurer. Each month families receive a different colored paper ticket to present at the well to keep track of contributions, a system the community developed on its own.

Maybe $0.65 doesn't sound like much, but for families in Wohrn, it's proof they take pride in their development and truly value their well—a huge step toward sustainability! If the well ever breaks down, this small fund—and their resident pump mechanic, trained by our staff—will help restore it to working order.

"The majority is happy to pay this money because we are collecting it for our own good," Desmond said.

Josiah, the water committee secretary, has noticed the same willingness. "Families want to pay to maintain the well because it's the best water in the community," he said.

For Josiah and Desmond, "the best water" means fewer cases of waterborne disease at the local clinic. And since the well was installed, clinic visits have dropped—all because Wohrn Town is able to keep its clean water safe!

That's our goal, to help communities develop past dependency and become self-sustaining. Through the empowerment of Living Water Liberia's local staff, it's happening in communities like Wohrn Town. Please help us reach more.