Thanks for Loving Moms Around the World!

by: Meredith Maines
May 12, 2013

We hope you've had a fabulous day being celebrated or doing the celebrating of mothers in your life.

Thank you for helping us celebrate mothers like Mercilia in Haiti. She's experienced what all mothers dread—the sickness of precious children. When they were younger, three of Mercilia's children contracted cholera. But now that her community has access to safe water, she can rest easier. Her children (and grandchildren) have hope for a healthy future—the most promising Mother's Day gift anyone could offer!

With a well in her village, Mercilia no longer has to travel long distances for water. That's more time for her to spend enjoying her family rather than struggling to provide for their basic needs.

"I used to walk to the spring—you would get there and there would be a crowd," Mercilia explained. "When I was younger I used to carry a whole bucket, but now I can carry half a bucket. I'm too old to walk an hour for water."

Thank you for helping us serve and honor mothers like Mercilia—in Haiti and around the world! Learn more about the transformation of Mercilia's village at