For Life in Nicaragua: Maria Davila

by: Meredith Maines
September 16, 2012


Jesus is the heart of our work in Nicaragua. Maria Davila lives in El Danto, a Nicaraguan community where Living Water International works to empower locals to maintain their own well. Water opens the door to the gospel. Read Maria's story:

"We know water is very important not only to do what we do in our homes but also to drink, to bathe, to wash, and to do many things. Well, it has been a big blessing and we are very grateful to God, true, because all of the assistance that has come to our community. We know that it is because God is remembering us. I give thanks to God because he has touched the heart of this project and of these people bringing us the blessing of water to our homes. Everything that happens here is because of the will of God. He is the one doing everything. Our children will grow up with a better quality of life, with lots of health and a big desire to continue moving forward."

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El Danto is a location of our Operations & Maintenance Pilot. Learn more about our sustainability programs—for life—in Nicaragua.