For Life in Nicaragua: Isidra Navas

by: Meredith Maines
September 16, 2012


Isidra lives in El Danto, a Nicaraguan community where Living Water International works to help equip locals to maintain their own well. Ownership changes everything. Read Isidra's story:

"We feel very happy and thankful because this is the first water project we’ve had here. Before, we didn't have a well, only a rope pump. It was hard for the children to collect the water. We had to go to the river to pick up water and ask our neighbors for drinking water. What we brought from the river was for everything—washing clothes, cleaning the house—but not for drinking.

"Now I'm leading our community to organize ourselves around funding a deposit. When we have a difficulty, we will have some money to buy things, or with the help of others, we will have money to buy what is needed. We see [Jesus] through the water that we have."

El Danto is a location of our Operations & Maintenance Pilot. Learn more about our sustainability programs—for life—in Nicaragua.