Celebrate Dad, Give the Gift of Clean Water

by: Meredith Maines
June 14, 2013

For Father's Day, what could be manlier than drilling wells? Meet John Maina, Living Water Uganda's Lead Driller.

John operates machines to save lives. Even on a bad day of work, he goes to bed knowing he saved babies from certain death. He's the kind of guy who will offer an elderly woman a cup of water—even if he has to smash through 300 feet of rock to get it.

John sounds like a big deal, but at Living Water International, that's just what guys just do. Saving children and babies and women from death is all part of a day's work. We bet your dad has values like that. So this Father's Day, invite your dad to help a guy like John smash through the earth and save women and children.

It's manly stuff. Dad'll love it.

Buy your dad a Living Water Gift Card. He'll get to choose where to redeem it at