Field Notes

A Word from the Staff: The Gulliksons

January 24, 2012

Different isn’t a bad thing…
My husband had mentioned he wanted to attend a meeting about going on a mission trip to Kenya. Hmm I thought. I’ll just tag along for fun not realizing that this trip would include me. The more I thought about it the more I convinced myself that I just couldn’t go as I had so much going on with my family… who would take the kids to school, what about soccer, oh and then there was band, and swim team, much less who is going to keep them for 2 ½ weeks while I was on the other side of the globe… well God had a plan and months later a group of 30 brave souls including myself stepped off the longest plane ride I’d ever been on into a world very different from the one I left back in Texas.
It was different but different isn’t always a bad thing. I don’t think my adrenaline stopped the whole time I was there. There was so much to see and experience. The sights, the sounds, the smells were some this Texas girl had never encountered… and I thought Houston had pot holes… I think Mombasa invented them. It just so happened that the garbage pickup people were on strike so the roads were filled with burning trash… not a good sight or smell… but then I took my eyes off the trash and began to notice the people… friendly beautiful people… beautiful eyes and gorgeous smiles. My memories are filled with these faces.
One particular memory is forever etched in my mind… on a morning walk with my interpreter Ronald, (a handsome young Kenyan man) we stood on a corner (amongst the burning garbage) with a Billy Graham track in hand and began talking with two ladies about God and His love for them and His plan for them to be part of His family… next thing I notice is there are probably 25-30 people surrounding us trying to see the pictures and hear what we’re saying (needless to say this was my first time to share the Gospel and I have to confess that I was too chicken to do this in Sugar Land, TX). As I finished I asked if anyone would like to pray to Jesus and the next thing I know Ronald is leading them in the sinner’s prayer in Swahili. The sweetest sound I heard was the sweet voices of men and women repeating back the prayer with Ronald. That moment was life changing for me… my eyes opened to a real world with people that needed to know the One that truly loved them.
Once back home, my husband and I knew something wasn’t the same… but we didn’t realize it was us until we spoke with our pastor. God was calling us to mission work. After much prayer and planning seven years later we moved to La Ceiba, Honduras and spent ten wonderful years serving with Living Water International. Currently we work in the office helping to serve thirsty people around the world.

Georgann is an Administrative Assistant to our senior Development team and Mike, her husband, is a Program Officer for West Africa. The Gulliksons enjoy being active outdoors, running, scuba diving, and spending time with family.