Field Notes

Meet our new field staff in Haiti!

by: susanna donald
August 23, 2011

After the massive earthquake that ripped across Haiti in January 2010, Living Water International’s work there went into overdrive—and that’s an understatement. The need for clean drinking water was more desperate than ever, with cholera running rampant through overcrowded tent cities and water trucks unable to keep up with demand. After the earthquake, Living Water’s output for rehabilitated wells more than doubled (from around 175 to around 450), plus the addition of a new drilling program in Port au Prince and another drill rig headed to Cap Haitian for a new drilling program there. While new programs and increased output are great, we needed new people to help us lead these initiatives.

Enter the Maupins and the Stones, two couples who were already serving in Haiti when God prompted them to get involved with Living Water International in early 2011.

Dennis and Jennifer Maupin work out of their home base in Port au Prince, hosting mission trip teams, overseeing the national pump repair team, and training the national drill team. Dennis serves as the Field Director while Jennifer coordinates Hygiene Education. The Maupins are Missouri natives and graduates of The University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg. They have served with the International Mission Board in Africa (including Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda), teaching and working on various construction projects for missionaries and nationals. They moved to Haiti in 2009 and began learning the language and working on an agricultural project with Hope for Haiti. The agricultural focus brought them into contact with Living Water International’s Midwest Chapter and their water projects in the region. The rest, as they say, is history.

Brandon and Jessica Stone are located in Cap Haitian, hosting mission trip teams to repair and—starting in 2012—drill new wells. Brandon is the Regional Director for North Haiti and Jessica heads up the Hygiene Education component for their region. The couple also oversees the North Haiti national pump repair team. Brandon and Jessica, native Califorinans, both graduated from Cal State San Marcos, he with a degree in Business Accounting and she with a degree in Literature and Writing. They were called to full-time mission work when God prompted them to sell their house in Southern California (it sold in three days, even with the economy like it is!) and led them to a ministry called Outside the Bowl, which was doing work in Haiti. Brandon and Jessica worked in a treatment center during the terrible cholera epidemic, and they began to develop a deeper awareness of the preciousness of clean, safe water. One month later, the Stones came to Living Water International.

Welcome to the Living Water family, Dennis, Jennifer, Brandon, and Jessica! Thank you for dedicating your lives to offering the people of Haiti a cup of clean water in Jesus’ name.