Field Notes

John Odongo: Lead Driller, Pastor, Ambassador

by: Meredith Maines
September 27, 2013

John Odongo not only leads Living Water Liberia's drill team—he leads people to Jesus! John's favorite part of the job is that drilling mobilizes people. As Liberian community members excitedly gather at a well site to watch the transformation unfold, John is able to minister to them as both driller and pastor.

"Living Water gives us the ability to be ambassadors," he said. "Under the banner of a water organization, we're able to meet people and share Christ with them—my greatest excitement!"

In Liberia, our teams often serve in Muslim communities. But because we come with clean water, doors are opened for the living water of Jesus Christ. John loves that opportunity.

He's been on board with Living Water's mission—demonstrating the love of God through clean water—since the very beginning. John was part of the original Kenyan team that drilled our first ever successful well! Today, two decades later, our Community-Led Total Sanitation approach can come to full fruition because of John's dedication. Learn what paves the way for John's work at