Field Notes

"God Told Me There Would Be Water Here"

by: susanna donald
January 25, 2012

GHANA – Chiana Kagoginia
Four drillers had come and gone from Chiana Kagoginia when Hayford and his team showed up. A young boy told him that others had tried to find water and only found dust.
Hayford found dust, too. His team drilled where the survey suggested they would find water, but the hole was dry and empty. Other community members echoed the young boy—Hayford was the fifth driller to come and dig into the dry ground.
The team began to talk with the community and ask them where they thought a good place to reach water might be. The community elders said that during the dry season, the people of Chiana fetched water from another community—Chiana Adoginia—1.5 kilometers away. Chiana Adoginia had a hand-dug well and a borehole, so Hayford knew there was water to be found.
Hayford and the team met with the Chief of Chiana Adoginia to discuss the possibility of drilling between the two communities. The Chief asked, “How do you know you will find water there?” Hayford replied, “God told me there would be water here.” The Chief was skeptical, but Hayford told him to come the next day and see what God would do.
When the drilling began the next day, the Chief showed up at the site. The team had drilled to 50 meters with no sign of water, and many of the spectators had drifted off to sleep. Hayford prayed to God and asked, “Are you going to disappoint me?” Suddenly, the dust stopped billowing and water burst forth from the ground! Hayford shouted with joy and woke the sleeping crowd. The Chief of Chiana Adoginia was amazed. “You have a wonderful God!” he said.
The well that finally provided safe, clean water for Chiana Kagoginia and Chiana Adoginia was just a stone’s throw away from a church where the two communities came together to worship God—a wonderful God, indeed.