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Ebola's Lethal 'Coalition of Inaction'

by: Meredith Maines
September 09, 2014

It’s been a more than a month since the World Health Organization deemed West Africa's Ebola outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern.” But in four weeks, too few nations have joined the fight, say leaders of Medecins Sans Frontieres, the World Bank, and the WHO in this compelling BBC article.

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Most governments have only protected their borders against the arrival of infected patients—but that’s not enough. Joanne Liu, MSF president, said a massive deployment of military and civilian teams from equipped Western countries will be necessary to contain the biological disaster.

While we can’t control governments, we can offer clean water—a critical first defense against Ebola. If you believe you’ve been blessed to be a blessing, as are so many Western nations with the ability to save lives, we hope you’ll join us. Together we can bless more communities in Liberia and Sierra Leone with life-saving education and safe water. Read the BBC article to learn more about this international call to action. Then please support our emergency relief efforts at

Published September 10, 2014


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