Field Notes

Ebola Update: Well Rehab in Molley Town

by: Meredith Maines
October 14, 2014

Before Living Water International’s team in Liberia rehabilitated Molley Town’s Afridev water pump, the community’s 53 families were at great risk of contracting Ebola. Their broken well forced them back to a dirty creek, and already suffering from waterborne illnesses, they were desperate for safe water. So while our staff drilled a new water point nearby, Molley Town petitioned them for repairs. Our staff responded—continuing their efforts on the front lines of Liberia's crisis—not only with a well rehab, but also with life-saving, participatory hygiene and sanitation lessons that protect against diseases like Ebola.

“The water we used to drink was bad, and when we got sick from diarrhea, it was labeled as Ebola—no one will treat us!” explained 49-year-old farmer and community member, John Morris. “With this safe water, we are one step [closer] in the fight against Ebola.”

Proper hygiene and sanitation practices are critical defenses in the Ebola battle. So in Molley Town, the Living Water team engaged the community in lessons about disease transmission, proper hand-washing techniques, and water-saving methods. The community also learned to properly dispose of human waste and keep water clean from collection to consumption, implementing community-driven solutions—all necessary steps to fight Ebola and other diseases.

Now with a five-person water committee established by our staff, Molley Town is equipped to maintain the well if ever it breaks down again. Our staff’s mission is not only to restore health, but also to instill hope in the midst of such a deadly, country-wide crisis. Together with the community, they prayed for God’s healing intervention in the Ebola outbreak.

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