Field Notes

Ebola Update: Well Rehab in Glee Town

by: Meredith Maines
November 25, 2014

In Glee Town, Liberia, a broken down well left open to debris also left the village’s 70 families vulnerable to waterborne disease. With this as their only source of water, many suffered from “running stomach,” their name for diarrhea. And since diarrhea is also a symptom of Ebola, these cases naturally caused extra concern in the midst of West Africa’s most deadly outbreak in history! But thanks to the generous support of a church in San Jose, California, our staff in Liberia rehabilitated Glee Town’s well and trained a community team to maintain it.

When our staff dismantled the broken well, here's what they found!

But now empowered with a rehabilitated borehole, life-saving sanitation and hygiene lessons, and oral Bible stories shared by our staff, the residents of Glee Town have truth and hope, ready to stand strong against Ebola!

“As we fight Ebola out of Liberia, the repair of our water well will serve as a blessing to the community,” shared 59-year-old community member, David Jogbu. “God bless Living Water International and the donors for their support in Jesus’ name."

Our work in Liberia is essential to stopping the spread of Ebola in its tracks. Please help us reach others like David who desperately need safe water as protection against disease. Donate to our emergency response efforts at