Field Notes

Easter Transformation

by: Anna Achim
May 31, 2012

Sometimes, our work isn't about water at all. Sometimes, it's about the living water that our staff & partners get to share with those they serve. 10 years ago, the Dagara people of Burkina Faso were an unreached people group, but this past Easter, 878 people were baptized in the river at the village of Nakar. Living Water International's Burkina Faso Country Director, Geoffrey Richter, along with more than 2,000 people from 12 surrounding villages were there to witness this truly historic and transformative event. Richter says, "As the dust rose from under their feet and sweat poured from their brows on that hot April day, so God was bringing new life from the dust of the earth for His glorious praise to heaven above." Living Water has been working in Burkina Faso since 2009, mainly rehabilitating old, broken down wells for the 28% of the population that doesn't have access to a clean water source. Geoffrey Richter has seen unbelievable change in his time there, as the physical needs of the thirsty and the spiritual needs of the unreached have been met. This, however, was by far one of the most inspiring things he has witnessed. "What a privilege to be apart of such an outpouring of God's Spirit and grace among the Dagara and walk alongside them in faith and love. Scenes like those in the Bible came to mind, and especially awesome to see was the Victory Dance that new believers perform after the baptism service in a large circle symbolizing their break from the old traditional Dagara beliefs and practices to their new life in Christ," says Richter.