Field Notes

Advent: The Gift of Leadership

by: Meredith Maines
December 10, 2012


Lucia Alvarado campaigned for her community well.

Lucia Alvarado gets by selling fruits and vegetables. It’s a humble existence, but ask any of La Planta’s 178 residents and they’ll tell you she’s a community leader.

La Planta is tiny and extremely poor. Regional authorities paid no attention as its 46 families fetched water each morning from the same river where they bathed and washed their clothes.

Then Lucia had finally had enough.

She had heard about Living Water International through the mayor’s office, then she diligently started showing up at Living Water’s project sites—every one of them, over the course of a year! Each time, she shared La Planta’s need and asked Living Water not to forget.

Then one day Lucia danced under water that shot into the air while Living Water drilled the first well in her community. She wasn’t alone. Two of her friends were with her—women who also want to lead their communities to a better life. They spoke of their own communities, just like Lucia had about La Planta.

God never gave more than when he gave us himself through Jesus. That’s what Lucia set out to do. How will you give more of yourself this Christmas? Learn more about what it means to give in Jesus' name at