Field Notes

“The water was black.”

May 10, 2011

BURKINA FASO – Komsilga, Kadiogo GPS: 12 10.523 N, 001 37.499 W “Our well was made with material which did not give good water,” said Nonguierma O’Herve, a farmer in the village of Komsilga. “When we came to pump water in the morning, the water was black.”

The Living Water International team in Burkina Faso worked to repair this well through Joanna Ilbouda, a Burkinabe woman who runs an ACTS ministry in Burkina Faso. She is involved extensively with mothers and children in crisis and medical clinics. This well rehab was adjacent to a church that works with her ministry center, and the repaired well now serves that church and the surrounding community. Nonguierma was very happy with the newly repaired well. He told us, “Today, with the help of Living Water International, we have a good pump which is made with stainless steel and gives a good quality of water for us. We are very happy. We now drink water which is pure.”