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Two Bikes and 4,000 Miles for the Thirsty

by: Meredith Maines
October 07, 2013

This summer, newlyweds Jesse and Leigha Lambert traded four wheels for two. They sold their car and instead rode bikes to get around their New Jersey town. Those several months of cycling were all preparation for a 4,000-mile cross-country excursion to raise money for clean water. Now with a week and 200 miles behind them, they've already raised more than $800.

The couple is dedicating the next several months to the trek. Last weekend, they pedaled out of Cape May, New Jersey, and plan to roll into San Diego as soon as December or as late as June. Time isn't their object—the Lamberts are more excited to meet people along the way than to race to their destination.

"This bike trip will be a great opportunity to meet hundreds and hundreds of people," Jesse said. "And we will be sharing the good things Living Water is doing in hopes of opening eyes to the injustice around the world."

The idea for a cross-country bike trip had been on the Lamberts' minds for months, so it was perfect timing when Jesse and Leigha heard about Living Water International through our partnership with Revolve Church. Jesse had seen the need for safe water first-hand on volunteer trips to the Dominican Republic and Mozambique and knew their ride should help more people access it.

"I think people tend to forget how essential water is to life," he said. "Everywhere we go, there's water in the sink, in the pool, at the grocery store. I think if more people had a chance to see what living conditions are like in other countries, they would be more inclined to do something about it."

We're grateful they're hitting the road with that conviction! Join us in praying for their safety and for experiences along the way only God could orchestrate.

Support the Lamberts' fundraising campaign and keep track of their travels on twitter, @bikeamerica1. Inspired to sport the Team Living Water jersey, too? Find out how to participate at