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Team Living Water: Running Bolder Boulder

by: Meredith Maines
February 21, 2013

As a volunteer barista in her church's cafe, Jenica first heard of Living Water International through the tip jar. Timberline Church donated the contributions toward ending the water crisis! Since then she's teamed up with other college students raising awareness about the cause of clean water through The Wells Project. And now she's gearing up for her first Team Living Water run, Colorado's Bolder Boulder in May.

"The really cool thing about running with Team Living Water is that it turns a typical running event into an opportunity to change lives," Jenica said. "That's why I'm passionate about the water crisis—you can see the changes in people's lives. Running for clean water connects my passion for exercise and being outdoors with God's purpose of providing for the least of these."

Jenica wants to invite others into this purpose, too, and her team is growing—already halfway to her 10-person goal!

"My heart is definitely in outreach and missions, and I love to provide different opportunities for people to take part in this kind of worship and service for God," she said.

She sees fundraising for clean water as participation in God's bigger vision of spreading the Gospel.

"As the body of Christ, we are all part of God's bigger plans," she said. "Some of us are the ones called to go, called to run, called to speak, and some are called to provide financial resources."

And as part of that Body, she's allowing God to change her own life through the process.

"I do a running devotional each morning while I hit the treadmill, and it's been such a refreshing spiritual practice. This is what I need for sustainability and to continue on when the going gets tough."

Thanks, Jenica, for your determination!

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