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PRAYER REQUEST: Our Sierra Leone Team

by: Sara Banks
August 28, 2014

The Living Water Sierra Leone team, from left to right: David Lobbah, Joseph Amara, Amos Sahr James, Mohammed Kamara, Rosemarie Blake, Hastings Banda, Sahr Moiba Jnr, Marian Braima, and Anthony Dorherty.


Our Living Water Sierra Leone staff desperately need prayer as they live and work alongside this deadly Ebola outbreak. Each team member has remained free from exposure, but they know they are needed to help spread awareness of minimizing this nearly fatal virus.

The effects of this virus are also impacting daily necessities such as higher food costs, longer grocery lines, and lack of availability of resources. The number of orphaned children is also growing as mothers and fathers die each day.

Pray for these faces, and their families, as they educate communities on the signs, symptoms and treatment of Ebola—all the while spreading the hope of our true Healer, Jesus Christ.

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