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Injury Inspires 12 Marathons in 12 Months

by: Meredith Maines
November 04, 2013

One minute, Cory Scheer was pedaling through the last mile of the day's triathlon training. The next, he was being loaded into an ambulance with a concussion, hairline fractures to his spine and 300 stitches worth of lacerations.

In those moments after colliding with a motorist, he realized his complete dependence on others for rescue and recovery. Through the fear, relief, pain, joy, uncertainty, grief, and gratefulness, he felt his priorities shift.

"Life is pretty simple when you are completely in need of help, unable to care for yourself and deeply affected by life's seemingly unfair circumstances," Cory said.

In the weeks to come, his thoughts turned outward—what about the millions around the world also dependent on others for basic needs? 

Though his competitive cycling days were over, after only four weeks of recovery he was running again, and this time it wouldn't be for medals. Raising funds through 12 marathons in 12 months, he would instead help meet basic needs—shelter, water, education, love and food—through the work of five organizations. We're honored to be one of them!

Cory's new Basic Needs Marathon Challenge mantra—"make every mile matter"—is spreading. Not only is he fundraising, he's even spreading the word on the course! Other endurance athletes have dedicated upcoming Ironman Triathlons to Living Water in Cory's honor. And in his most recent race last weekend, a fellow runner in his pace group joined the cause after learning of his recovery!

Are you inspired by Cory's perseverance, too? Read his race reports and support one of his upcoming events!