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H2O Project: What is "Good News"?

by: Meredith Maines
February 12, 2013

Dan Jacobs, pastor of West Seattle Christian Church, begins the H2O Project tomorrow with his congregation. On his blog he pondered the meaning of "good news" in context—how do we translate the good news of the gospel into the hearts of those we serve? We extend Christ's living water and the clean water that meets physical needs. We partner with churches to see both come to fruition—we're so grateful to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

"My observation of Lent this year begins tomorrow with the H2O Project. For the next 10 days, the community of faith I'm privileged to lead will drink nothing besides water, then dedicate the money saved to give clean water through Living Water International. As we begin this challenge, I am painfully aware that a church and a pastor—and churches and pastors—sometimes need parachurch organizations to remind us of our calling to the greater good of humanity.

"I've heard that in order to be a credible source of proclaiming what we as people of faith know as 'the good news,' we first need to address how those we serve define 'good news.' Let me put it this way. Imagine you are one of the millions suffering and dying without clean water. How much good would it be to know Jesus loves you if no one were able to deliver the good news of access to clean water? We often think they should be happy knowing Jesus loves them—they who die while we have all the resources to keep them alive.

"So I sit here in downtown, in the midst of disconnected humanity shuffling by. What could happen if, in the midst of the wandering souls here in the downtown rush, we could truly communicate 'good news.' God knows there is plenty of need here already in the midst of homelessness and walking mental illnesses.

"What if we took our headphones off long enough to hear someone's story? What if we could do something more than throw a dollar into an open guitar case to buy a burger? What would 'good news' look like to those who you pass by?"

Dan's church is choosing to spread the good news of the gospel in the form of clean water this Lenten season. What is God calling you to choose?