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Giving Well: Rob's Year of Sacrifice

by: Meredith Maines
January 11, 2013

Rob is doing the H2O Project—drinking nothing but water—for an entire year! He'll be sacrificing every beverage in 2013 (except tap water) and donating supporting pledges from friends and family to the thirsty.

Inspired by an Advent Conspiracy video, Rob counted the number of faucets in his house—six—and realized how easily he can access any beverage any given day. He's asked friends to commit to support him with a specific dollar amount per day, and if he makes it the whole year, donate the total to Living Water through his Fundraising page. We're inspired by his fast, and caught up with him to see how it's going a few days into the new year.

What is your favorite drink and will be the hardest to give up?

Close call, but probably coffee.  Not so much the "get-me-through-the-morning" cup, but rather the "grab-a-cup-with-friends-when-it's-cold-or-rainy-oustide" type of cup.  

Is there a particular country without access to clean water whose story touched you?

Our church has started to build a strong bond with a church in Ethiopia over the last two years, so I've selected Ethiopia to benefit from my fundraising efforts on my Fundraising page

What's been the most encouraging reaction you've heard about your fast?

A good friend from church told me this week that since the beginning of the year, she has repeatedly thought about my committment when she goes for her cup of coffee and has prayed for me.  That is one of the reasons I'm doing this. She and her husband have made a pledge, and to know people are intentionally thinking about the world's basic needs, that is all the encouragement I need. 

What will do you do when temptation strikes?!

The few times I've really wanted a glass of tea or cup of coffee, I'm reminded of my motivation—first, to allow God to reveal in my life this truth—I only need him and nothing else; second, to raise awareness of a basic need; and third, to raise money for Living Water to meet that need. Those three thoughts will sustain me throughout the year.

Will you keep a log of what God teaches you through this experience?

I will blog about it at least monthly at Anything that raises awareness of this journey and glorifies God is just awesome.

After tallying pledges after the first of the year, Rob is already poised to raise nearly $4,500 by the end of 2013! Want to support his goal? Check out Rob's Fundraising page! If you're inspired to sacrifice, too, see how you and your friends could start your own H2O Project.