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El Salvador: A Twist on Team-Building

by: Meredith Maines
February 28, 2013

In early February a 12-person team from Triumph Bancorp in Dallas traveled to the Salvadoran village of El Castaño to drill a well with us as their corporate team building exercise!

How cool that a company would use this opportunity to not only draw their hearts closer together as co-workers, but that they would do so as co-laborers with the work God's doing for the thirsty. We're grateful for their presence with our program staff and wanted to share what they'll remember forever, below. They are first-hand demonstrations of God's love. We're inspired.


“This trip was a great opportunity to serve others, build unity among Triumph team members and educate ourselves on the water crisis that plagues the developing world. I can’t think of a better use of resources in furtherance of Triumph’s overall goal of “delivering value” to those around us.” –Aaron Graft

“It was both convicting and encouraging to see the joy on the faces of the people in the El Castaño community, even prior to giving them the gift of clean water. As we observed their dirt-floor houses, crude water sources and arduous agrarian life styles, our USA-centric view tells us they are trapped in poverty and to be pitied. But the reality is that our friends aren’t exposed to the levels of consumerism and materialism we see in the US. They are perfectly happy and content with having their basic needs provided for.” –Travis Cole

“It was very apparent the desperate need for clean water when we looked at the conditions of the village. A tremendous sadness came over me until I realized that I was surrounded by an abundance of joy. The community and school were filled with joy and excitement. Our team along with the LWI team began our experience together to dig a well and demonstrate proper hygiene practices. I formed friendships that I will cherish for a lifetime.” – Debbie Smith

“The lesson I learned was that of contentment in any situation. I could not put my worldly spin on their way of thinking, and I am so glad their lives touched mine. I know that I was receiving so much more than I could ever give, but there was one small thing we could contribute to make their lives easier—fresh water! As we signed our names inside the top of the well, I felt part of something bigger and knew that Triumph and Living Water would always be held in conjunction with a basic human need that was met for the people in the village of El Canstaño.” – Kelly Scott

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