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Conspire With Us—Post a Photo!

by: Meredith Maines
December 02, 2012

What does a Christmas photo booth have to do with clean water? It's all part of a greater plot, a plan to conspire this Advent season—it starts TODAY!

Christmas can get a little crazy—these photos are proof, if Black Friday weren't enough. But our Living Water staff is standing together to reclaim it. We're part of a little thing each year called Advent Conspiracy. Around the world, thousands of individuals and churches alike decide something simple: Christmas is about Jesus and giving, loving, living like he did—full of joy! These conspirators will worship fully, spend less, give more and love all. We think one way you can do just that is by giving clean water.

Instead of spending energy, time, and anxiety on a stressful season we won't remember (and may even try to forget!) let's slow down and see Jesus in those around us. We can give even greater gifts when we give of ourselves—our presence. Then we'll be freed up to look outside ourselves to those in need, the brothers and sisters Jesus asked us to feed, clothe and offer a cup of water in his name. That's a gift that will still be giving years from now.

Do you agree? Read more about the foundations of [AC] at Then post your own crazy Christmas photo and let people know you're conspiring with us.

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