Behind the Scenes: Kenya

by: Kristen Bittel
May 14, 2014


In February, a few of us from Living Water International's Marketing and Communications team traveled to Kenya to gather stories, video, and photos to share with all of you.

Left to right: (Kristen Bittel: photographer, Paul Darilek: storyteller, Josh Taylor: videographer)


Our amazing field staff in Kenya. Left to right: Daniel Kahuria, Phyllis Buronjo, Anthony Njeri, Jacktone Akelo, Robert Limo, Maitabel Okumu, Carolyne Magodo, Austine Oyula


A big thank you goes out to Carolyne who was our very patient tour guide. She put up with all of our crazy ideas.


The staff are pretty crazy themselves.


Especially when they drink our props.


But they are pretty awesome. Here's Robert carrying our camera equipment up the hill to Lucy's house.


Did I mention that Kenya is BEAUTIFUL?


We saw the staff drill a well for a school whose uniforms happened to match the rig and our brand. So perfect. A dream come true for a designer.


Going into this trip we knew we wanted to find a little girl to highlight for our spring campaign because it's the little girls in Kenya who carry water long distances for their families. We ran into Lucy at a celebration event Living Water staff were putting on for a community and knew immediately she was the one.


Lucy was perfect for the job because she wants to be a newscaster when she grows up—she loves the camera.


We followed Lucy as she walked to her water source. It was heartbreaking to see how far she has to walk just to gather dirty water for her family.


We were so sad to leave Lucy, but so glad we got to spend a couple of days getting to know her. 


Paul got the privilege of being pelted with water balloons and cake by a group of adorable kids. They absolutely loved it. Paul, not so much. Looks good on him though, doesn't it?


With a few hours left on our trip, we decided to see some African wildlife.


We didn't know what we were getting ourselves into at all. Can you see the fear in our eyes?


I guess we didn't see this sign until after we pet the cheetah. Luckily, he didn't really want to play.