This Year's Gala Went "Deeper!"

by: Meredith Maines
September 26, 2013

This year's gala, Deeper, broke records and celebrated our work as worship. Our field staff from Haiti, Liberia and Burkina Faso took the stage in Houston's biggest ballroom to demonstrate our deeper commitment to community transformation and God's love. Their powerful messages inspired 1,400 members of our Living Water family to participate! We think you'll be inspired, too. Check out our photo gallery here and watch the whole event online.

The night began with a Water Walk sponsored by our friends at OVS Group. Each person who participated raised $1,000 for the thirsty—thanks to OVS—just by walking. Hauling jerry cans full of water—40 pounds each—introduced our gala guests to a daily reality in the developing world: those we serve walk miles for water that's often already contaminated. Our simulation was a small fraction of that distance, but we're thankful people were inspired to shoulder the weight. Together, it didn't take long to reach our $50,000 water walk goal!

The evening also celebrated the amazing contribution of Katherine and Isabelle Adams, this year's Harry Westmoreland Award winners. When the elementary-school-age sisters learned about the world water crisis more than two years ago, they knew they wanted to make a difference. They also knew how to fold amazing origami ornaments. So they founded Paper for Water and started selling ornaments for donations to Living Water. Since then, the Adams girls have raised more than $174,000 for water projects! The award is bestowed on those who have significantly advanced awareness of the critical need for safe water—it's our honor to present it to Katherine and Isabelle. (They also addressed the night's entire audience with lessons learned as advocates—you don't want to miss it!)

We're blessed to have so many partners who care so much for the thirsty that they raise nearly $2.5 million in one night—thank you!