The Wells Project Students: Change Catalysts

by: Meredith Maines
February 04, 2013

Student Leaders of The Wells Project

Last month our Wells Project student leaders from colleges across the country convened to brainstorm awesomeness—how to be even more effective advocates for the thirsty on campuses and in their entire communities. We're excited (and so grateful!) to report that these movers-and-shakers are getting noticed. World changers have a tendency of doing just that. Pure Charity thinks so, too, and named our peeps their January Change Catalysts.

Wells Project at Lead

Pure Charity defines a Change Catalyst as someone who:

1. Lives generously. Always prepared to give more than what is expected.

2. Demonstrates a lifetime of service & influence. The "lifetime" part of this shows longevity. "Service" shows they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and "influence" means they use their voice to make a difference.

3. Impacts lives in their community. Whether it is the global community or local community, they are impacting the lives of others.

Wells Project at Lead

"We were enamored by the passion these students have for the water crisis" Pure Charity said. "Each of them wants to bring awareness to their campus and use the resources they have as students to bring about change in this world."

Pure Charity Photo

Think you could change your corner of the world for clean water? Check out how to get involved on your campus at Thanks to Pure Charity for the honor (and photo above) and to Breakaway Ministries for facilitating such a great conference to empower student leaders like ours.