Meet Sara, Field Communications Specialist!

by: Meredith Maines
July 17, 2013

Please give a great big, virtual welcome to Sara Olivieri! ("Olive-airy," in its Americanized pronunciation, FYI!) She joined our Houston team three weeks ago in a brand new position that will connect you even more with what's happening in the field. We're so excited she's decided to journey with us deeper into the impact of our country programs. Get to know her a bit (radiant in blue below) and keep an eye out for the great stories she helps us discover!

What drew you to Living Water?

In March I went on a short-term trip to Rivas, Nicaragua, with a group from Dallas' Watermark Community Church. I had never heard of Living Water but was intrigued by the nature of the trip. Water was definitely something I took for granted, and I was convicted that something so abundant to us was extremely limited or even nonexistent to a good portion of the world. That trip changed everything for me—I fell in love with the community, the field staff, and the organization. I got to see firsthand the impact of providing water and the living water, and I was hooked.

As a writer/editor in the fashion industry struggling to find meaning in my work, I had been praying about where God wanted me to go in my career. After returning to the states, this position opened up, the Lord opened the doors, and here I am!

What do you hope to learn/gain from working at Living Water?

First and foremost, I want to utilize my gifts and strengths to bring glory to God, and I am truly excited and blessed to be part of an organization following Christ’s commandment to love our neighbor. I look forward to witnessing what’s going on in the field and communicating our work to our faithful supporters.

Where's the craziest place you've lived or traveled?

I’ve only lived in the Lone Star state so far, but I got bit by the travel bug a few years ago when I went to Panama with some friends. We did a three-day sail out to the San Blas islands in the Caribbean, completely removed from all civilization. Next month I’ll be going to India and Zambia, though, so either one of those could easily top that!

Where is your favorite place to eat? And what's your favorite food?

In Houston so far it’s Paulie’s, hands down. I love food in general, though, so it’s hard to say a favorite. I love anything from sushi, to Tex-Mex, to great barbeque. You could also make me the happiest person with just an antipasto meat and cheese plate—I am Italian after all!

If you could overcome any obstacle in the world, what would it be and why?

I think one of the things that breaks my heart the most is corruption done in the name of Christ. Unfortunately we live in a very fallen world, and Christians fail often at loving one another the way Jesus intended. If we followed this commandment, so many of the world’s problems wouldn’t exist.

Whom do you look up to the most?

It’s not a specific person, but I am always in awe of those who truly put the Word of God into action.

What would be the one thing you couldn’t live without?

I’m going to cheat and say two things, but they go hand in hand: my Bible and my journal.


We're looking forward to bringing you more updates from the field through Sara's expertise!