No Water No Hope

With Water, We Restore Hope

Building the foundation for so much more

Imagine believing you would die before your community could drink clean water—burdened by an entire life of suffering. Animals defecate in the river where you gather water to drink, cook and clean. In the dry season, even this contaminated water is hard to find, so you must walk even farther—several hours a day—hauling water for your family from another dirty source.

But just when you've given up hope, clean water changes your entire reality. Your community receives a safe well, sanitation and hygiene support to keep the water clean, and training to develop local leaders who will keep the solutions sustainable.

This is what we've seen happen in villages like Desplante and want to replicate in other communities like Terre Noire.

“Where there is no water, there is no garden. No garden, no food. No food, no life. No life…no hope.”
— Asephie Pierre

Our Strategy in Haiti

Water brings more than life. It brings hope. Living Water knows that communities in need just want a well, but when our staff comes alongside them, they’ll get so much more.

Our strategy in Haiti is shifting from relief to development—and worldwide from projects to programs. It's so much more than just a well. Individual water projects left alone—without the attention of our community engagement strategy in place—could fall into disrepair, leaving the community no better off than before we arrived. Or communities might unknowingly contaminate their new water point without training on proper collection methods.

Our goal is to build sustainable infrastructure, and that begins on a community level. We're working in what we call WASH Program Areas, or WPAs. For several years, we focus our water-access and health-promotion efforts in a dedicated geographic region. We choose coordinated clusters of local communities to cultivate village leadership and set up local supply chains and support networks. Working hand-in-hand with our local experts, we do all we can to provide water—for life—in Jesus' name.

Please help. We can't wait to send out our teams of community organizers, sanitation and hygiene educators, well drillers and church mobilizers to restore life and cultivate a new generation of leaders to glorify God, the giver of life!

“Communities think they want a well, but with our staff, they'll get that and so much more.”


Do Something


Please partner with us around our new WASH Program Areas—in Haiti and across the developing world. When you do, Terre Noire will no longer have to share its water source with livestock. A father's aspirations for his children can become reality. Asephie will no longer worry what her family will eat. Voodoo will have no power over parents' perceptions of illness.

Your support helps communities like Terre Noire and Desplante begin building on the foundation of clean water—toward hope! The thirsty will feel an outpouring of God's love through the hands of our staff. Please give now.

Rally around the work of Haiti’s dedicated staff in community-engagement-focused WPAs and inspire others to do the same! Personalize your own online fundraising page and ask your friends to join your cause for communities in Haiti. Start fundraising today.



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