Words Flow Like Water—No Matter the LanguageTrips nicaragua Worship Spanish Language

Words Flow Like Water—No Matter the Language

Annie (new to our staff!) studies Spanish at the University of Houston with a heart that beats for Nicaragua. Read how she experienced God’s presence on a recent well-drilling trip with Houston Baptist University.

READ MORE published: March 22, 2013

Give Clean Water, Empower Local WomenInternational Women's Day General

Give Clean Water, Empower Local Women

The strain of walking long distances for water often falls squarely on the shoulders of women. Surveys from 45 developing countries show that in the majority of households, women and children bear the primary responsibility for collecting water, hauling it an average of six kilometers a day. As we celebrate International Women's Day, take time to reflect. Water is a women's issue, but it doesn't have to be.

READ MORE published: March 08, 2013

El Salvador: A Twist on Team-BuildingTriumph Corporate Team Building Dallas el salvador

El Salvador: A Twist on Team-Building

In early February a 12-person team from Triumph Bancorp in Dallas traveled to the Salvadoran village of El Castaño to drill a well with us as their corporate team building exercise! How cool that a company would use this opportunity to not only draw their hearts closer together as co-workers, but that they would do so as co-laborers with the work God's doing for the thirsty. We're grateful for their presence with our program staff and wanted to share what they'll remember forever. They are first-hand testimonies to the demonstration of God's love. We're inspired.

READ MORE published: February 28, 2013

Burkina Faso: "God Helps in Every Moment"burkina faso Dagara Africa Field Notes

Our ministry partner Geoffrey Richter serves alongside the Dagara people in Burkina Faso. He's worked with Living Water since 2009, evaluating communities' needs and our response. We then rely on God's leading to determine where to focus our efforts, regardless of religion, to demonstrate Christ's love through clean water. We love this story he tells of God's divine orchestration—our stories interwoven to climax as the body of Christ. Be sure to click through the photo gallery to see where your support will have an impact.

READ MORE published: February 21, 2013

Team Living Water: Running Bolder BoulderColorado Bolder Boulder Team Living Water The Wells Project Americas

Team Living Water: Running Bolder Boulder

As a barista in her church's cafe, Jenica first heard of Living Water through the tip jar. The cafe donated the contributions toward ending the water crisis! Since then she's teamed up with other college students raising awareness about the cause of clean water through The Wells Project. And now she's gearing up for her first Team Living Water run, Colorado's Bolder Boulder in May.

READ MORE published: February 21, 2013