Four projects were completed in the Machakos District, a semi-arid, remote area south and east of Nairobi, Kenya during 2006-2007. Funding for the projects was arranged for by Dr. Carroll Osburn through the Caris Foundation.


February 2006Kangubiri, KenyaKangubiri Girls High School
September, 2006Mwaani, KenyaMwaani Girls High School (located 5 km to the east of Wote Town – Latitude 01’ 45’ 04 S’; Longitude 37’ 40’ 00’E)
September, 2006Miaani, KenyaMiaani Machakos Girls High School (located 3km southwest of Machakos town – Latitude 01’ 31’ 33’S; Longitude 37’ 16’ 42E)
May, 2007Kyawango, KenyaKyawango Health Center project (Latitude 010 19’ 30” S; Longitude 370 30’ 15” E)
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