I will always remember [Nicaragua]

By: Janey

March 30, 2011

My team and I were impressed with the dedication and commitment of all of the national team that trained us, took care of us, and spent time with us. They all function so well with a combined spirit and commitment to their faith and LWI.

Our hygiene instructor was a most delightful, caring, hardworking person. I can't imagine what it was like for her to orchestrate the lessons as well as constantly having to translate all that we said. I was deeply touched by her loving manner with the children and the adults with whom we worked. No translation was needed to see how carefully and respectfully the villagers listened to her.

We were so well taken care of by all of the LWI staff. We all felt comfortable with the drillers who spent a great deal of time with us.

What would we have done without our cooks and house staff? The meals were wonderful and the atmosphere in the home was calm and comforting. All of us noticed the kind attention of the man guarding our house for security.

The day after our return, I was asked to speak to our congregation about our group experience. I asked the team members to join me as I told our wonderful church members that all of their prayers and financial support were appreciated and so worthwhile. I continue to share positive thoughts about LWI, your commitment, the incredible team on the ground, and the dear and wonderful people with whom we worked.

I will always remember the precious children in the village who came to our classes or watched the drilling with great interest. The mothers who attended the classes were very interested in the well-being of their children and community. LWI is to be congratulated on putting together lessons that will make a difference in the lives of those we served.

My husband and I will always be grateful for the experience we had in Nicaragua with LWI. How wonderful it is to think that the villagers we met now have safe, clean water!