Headed to Haiti: The Living Water 750 Rig

by: Meredith Maines
December 09, 2013

Announcing the newest addition to our Living Water family of drill rigs! Affectionately named "Hannah," the Living Water 750 is about to take her maiden voyage on a container ship bound for Haiti. After months of construction, she's ready to shed the training wheels and head out into the field.

Because we work in a wide variety of terrain conditions, rigs are most valuable when versatile. We needed something to handle 85 percent of obstacles the field throws our way, so in our workshop, Living Water co-founder Gary Evans started innovating. He envisioned a compact, easy-to-operate rig that could still pack a powerful punch. Hannah fits the bill. The 750 can air-drill or mud-drill at depths even greater than 750 feet—and fit in a 20-foot shipping container.

Thanks to hours of welding done by our master-builder Dave, Hannah has been completed and field-tested in Texas hill country. By the end of the month, she'll be happily settled in her new home. We can't wait for her to begin accessing new, safe water!