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The Rig + Jesus

Jaime is a Lead Driller in Guatemala who, through God’s provision, overcame impossible circumstances when a man named Melessio came to him for help.

Much of Melessio’s community, La Cieniga, was sick and some had even died from lack of safe water. Though Jaime’s heart hurt for Melessio’s people, he had to tell Melessio he couldn’t help him—his drilling equipment just wasn’t built to operate in rugged mountainous conditions.

But Melessio didn’t give up. For two years, he continued to ask Jaime to come.

As time passed, Jaime realized it was more than his friend Melessio asking for help—God was calling him.

So, Jaime stepped forward in faith. Even if he failed, he knew he had to try. With each step of faith, he grew more and more confident God would bless Jaime and his team’s efforts. And after many tries, they struck an aquifer!

“With the rig, plus Jesus,
everything is possible!”-Jaime, Lead Driller, Guatemala

This one step of faith not only brought safe water to Melessio’s people but it also opened the door for Jaime to share his faith. With great joy, he was able to explain that they had safe water because, with God, nothing is impossible!

Now, you too can join Jaime by following God’s call to bring safe water to those who are still waiting.

Your gift protects children and helps entire families live to face a future filled with hope.

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helps bring physical health and spiritual renewal through the living water of Jesus Christ.