The Best Is Yet To Come

Celebrating 25 Years of Your Support

We hope you were able to join our Living Water International family for this year’s sold-out, silver-anniversary gala! Be sure to watch the videos above to relive the evening’s highlights and catch the vision for our next 25 years—it depends on people like you. In fact, your support has been our driving force for 25 years of water, for life, in Jesus’ name. That’s what deserved our biggest celebration yet!

Because of generosity like yours, this year's gala miraculously EXCEEDED our $3-million goal. That means our teams in more than 20 countries can serve more than 70,000 people through safe water and the living water—but we don’t have to stop there! Please give now to help us reach even more communities in anticipation of the next 25 years of God’s faithfulness.


Honoring our Beginnings

In 1990, more than 30 everyday believers traveled to Kenya to share the gospel through Christian service. On the heels of hearing God’s calling, they founded Living Water International to change the world with the power of safe water and the living water of Jesus Christ.

These disciples gave up businesses, careers, reputations, comfort, and security for this God-given mission. We’re continually inspired by their immediate and unwavering response to God’s invitation to serve the thirsty—physically and spiritually.





Our Founders

Gary Evans, Larry Laird, Gary Loveless, Fenton Moorhead, Malcom Morris, and Harry Westmoreland


Envisioning the Future

This year’s gala was all about the hopeful anticipation of what God has in store for you, for Living Water International, and for the thirsty. From the stage, we unveiled “Watershed 2040,” a recent strategic-planning process that articulated a vision for Living Water in 2040, while outlining a roadmap that will carry us through 2021.


At the heart of all our strategy, our most foundational goal is that everyone we encounter would be transformed and fulfilled through an experience of God’s life-changing Spirit—including you, our dedicated partners. Stay tuned for updates as we further articulate our vision in the coming months.


Do Something

Help bring clean water and the living water of Jesus to communities around the world. Give now to support the work of Living Water International.

Consider starting a fundraising page on our peer-to-peer fundraising platform. Spread the word to your friends, family and social networks to raise support for the thirsty. The best is yet to come!




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