Well DressedDo Something

Would you give up something you want so that someone else could have something they need? That’s the idea behind The Well Dressed Challenge, the brain child of Angela Craig, Women’s Ministries Director for the Northwest District of the Assemblies of God. Last year, when Angela and a group of women were working with children through Mission of Mercy in Honduras, they asked the people there how else they could help. What did the Honduran people in this village need?

READ MORE published: February 17, 2012

Water for Water during LentDo Something

Today’s the first day of lent. The emotional reactions to that idea probably differ in as many ways as there are colors in the world. To some, it means absolutely nothing. Not one thing. To others, they understand it as something their friends or their family do. They don’t really get it or understand why, but they’re sure that the ashen cross on a loved one’s forehead basically means it’s time to give up something for a while. And for all the rest, it is a time to deny oneself of something they hold dear as a physical showing of one’s repentance and desi

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"God Told Me There Would Be Water Here"Field Notes

GHANA – Chiana Kagoginia

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A Word from the Staff: The GulliksonsField Notes

A Word from the Staff: The Gulliksons

Different isn’t a bad thing…

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Kids, Origami, & EthiopiaDo Something

“Kids have so little sense of ‘personal power’. It is important for them to realize they can make a difference no matter how old they are.” This comes from a mom whose two little girls are setting a high bar for advocates of the water crisis.

READ MORE published: January 11, 2012