Advent: The Gift of LeadershipAdvent Conspiracy La Planta Americas Field Notes

Advent: The Gift of Leadership

Lucia Alvarado gets by selling fruits and vegetables. It’s a humble existence, but ask any of La Planta’s 178 residents and they’ll tell you she’s a community leader. La Planta is tiny and extremely poor. Regional authorities paid no attention as its 46 families fetched water each morning from the same river where they bathed and washed their clothes. Then Lucia had finally had enough.

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Advent: The Greater GiftAdvent Conspiracy Peru Americas General

Our brother Tommy Head has saved a lot of lives among the Candoshi people in the Peruvian Amazon. But when people in Candoshi villages remember him, they don’t remember water wells. They remember the love Tommy had for them, and the Savior who inspired it.

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Pray: Upcoming Haiti Triphaiti Prayer Americas Field Notes

Next week, some of us will hop a plane (or two) to Haiti. We'd love your prayers. Ask God to introduce us to those he wants us to meet. Ask him to show us what breaks his heart there, what brings him joy there and where he's already working.

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Conspire With Us—Post a Photo!Advent Conspiracy Photo Booth Christmas Photos Do Something

What does a Christmas photo booth have to do with clean water? It's all part of a greater plot, a plan to conspire this Advent season—it starts TODAY! Christmas can get a little crazy—these photos are proof, if Black Friday weren't enough. But our Living Water staff is standing together to reclaim it.

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For Life in Nicaragua: Maria Davilanicaragua Summer Campaign El Danto O&M Pilot Sustainability

For Life in Nicaragua: Maria Davila

Jesus is the heart of our work in Nicaragua. Maria Davila lives in El Danto, a Nicaraguan community where Living Water International works to empower locals to maintain their own well. Water opens the door to the gospel. Read Maria's story.

READ MORE published: September 16, 2012